There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception. — Aldous Huxley

DOORS is an NFT series exploring the idea of transmutation illustrated from the perspective of a digital human asset, or “avatar” on a journey toward impermanence.

DOOR 01 Dukkha — Adversity

Dukkha (Sanskrit duhkha) means “unsatisfactoriness, suffering, pain”.[16][17][18] The dukkha includes the physical and mental sufferings that follow each rebirth, aging, illness, dying; dissatisfaction from getting what a being wishes to avoid or not getting the desired, and no satisfaction from Sankhara dukkha, in which everything is conditioned and conditioning…

OTHER by J. Scuderi

An observation on NFTs and their connection to the human condition.

By, J. Scuderi

Once again, the rising tide of new technology caresses the shore of complaisance. In just the past few months, the way in which digital art is being perceived has been diametrically transformed through mass media in an attempt to explain the implementation of Web 3.0, blockchain technology, the DeFi revolution, and decentralization through the lens of high-profile sales of crypto-art, more commonly referred to as NFTs.

The NFT marketplace has proved to be somewhat of a justification for artists, designers, musicians, and more as a way…

Jason Scuderi

Commercial and visual artist

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